What is a Township?

Townships are governmental entities, but they must manage finances, property and human resources just like any private sector organization. As employers, property owners and investors, townships must comply with state and federal laws and regulations governing those areas.

Richmond Township is a Second Class Township located in Crawford County Pennsylvania. The Township was formed in 1829 originally part of the 7th & 8th Donation Districts established for the Revolutionary War veterans.

What is the difference between a First Class Township and a Second Class Township?

In terms of Pennsylvania law, the "class" of a municipality depends not on money, status, or prestige, but on population. To become a first class township, townships of the second class must have a population density of 300 people per square mile and voters must approve the change of classification in a referendum. There are many townships that meet the density requirement but remain second class.

The 1,457 townships of the second class are the most popular form of government in the Commonwealth, representing more Pennsylvanians than any other form of government.

Townships are governed by a board of three or five supervisors elected at large by the voters for a six-year term. Conversion to a five-member board requires the approval of the township's electorate. Richmond Township has 3 Supervisors.
Richmond Township, located in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, is a small community with beautiful farms, country roads and a wide variety of wildlife.

Richmond Township Meetings:
1st Thursday of each Month at 6:00pm. All are invited to attend.
Richmond Township Building
30348 State Highway 408
Townville, PA 16360

MEETING MINUTES and Treasurers' Reports:
2016 and earlier years meeting minutes and treasurer's reports are available by request-
email us at:

2017 and later years Meeting Minutes are located on the Meeting and Treasurer's page.



Bryan Morton,

Don James,

Chairman- Glenn Sharpe,

Job Description:

Supervisors in Second Class Townships hold the executive and legislative powers of the Township. They are responsible for managing the business of the Township. He/She shall oversee road crew leaders in the assignment of workers to individual projects, review estimates of material quantities presented by road crew leaders and approves requisitions to authorized suppliers or bidders. Years ago, supervisors were mainly in charge of maintaining roads and bridges and plowing snow in the winter. Today, as the needs of township residents have grown, so has the role of township supervisor. From public safety to emergency services to environmental protection, Supervisors assume an ever-greater role in providing services and facilities to respond to their citizens' needs and, especially, to meet the demands of a constantly increasing array of state and federal mandates.


Secretary/Treasurer: Rhonda Phillips,

Assistant Treasurer: Mary Worley


Kathleen Wheelock • 814-967-4319
29957 State Highway 408, Townville, PA 16360
Office Hours: Tuesdays 11-3  and Wednesday 4-7

Job Description:
The Township Tax Collector is responsible for planning, administering, and supervising the receipt and processing of all Township Treasury deposits, property tax payments, and general collections payments via direct, armored, wire, electronic funds transfer, and credit card transactions.



Patti Capron
Laura Morton
Tammy Turner

Job Description:
The Auditors examine the accounting records and accounting practices of the township under review to enable them to express an informed opinion as to whether or not the balance sheets and the statements of revenues and expenditures prepared from the books and records present fairly the financial position and the results of operations of the municipality. To assure the township complies with applicable laws and regulations, the independent review by the auditors includes judgments as to the facts, supporting evidence and adhering to generally accepted accounting principles applied consistently from year to year. In addition to these board assignments, the Auditors should be alert to possible irregularities and fraud, as well as weakness in internal control. It is important for the Auditors to inform the responsible officials about such weaknesses when they are discovered.


John Lawrence - Chairperson
Don Myers
Lugi DeFrancesco
Tom Morgan
Mike Lokuta
Gary Coburn

Purpose: The Planning Commission reviews all plans submitted to Richmond Township for the development of residential and commercial property.

Planning Commission Meetings:
Last Tuesday of each month
Richmond Township Building
30348 State Highway 408

Please note that your use of the township facilities is at your own risk

Scott Wheelock
David Crago -
Matt Capron
Patti Capron
Bill Taylor
Kathy Taylor

Recreation Board Meetings:
4th Thursday of each month
Richmond Township Rec Building
30031 State Highway 408


Billy Shoemaker

Athletic Board Meetings:

Ray Crocker
Matt Capron

Veterans Affairs Meetings:
Meets with Rec Board as needed.

Agriculture Security Area (ASA):
The Agricultural Security Area program began in 1981 as a tool for strengthening and protecting agriculture in Pennsylvania. Farm landowners, working together, initiate the process of establishing such Areas in which agriculture is the primary activity. Participating farmers are entitled to special consideration from local and state government agencies, and other “nuisance” challenges, thus encouraging the continuing use of the land for productive agricultural purposes.
Agricultural security areas are intended to promote more permanent and viable farming operations over the long term by strengthening the farming community's sense of security in land use and the right to farm. Agricultural security areas are created by local municipalities in cooperation with individual landowners who agree to collectively place at least 250 acres in an agricultural security area.

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