DUST CONTROL for the Township Roads this Summer

According to Erin Wells, PA DEP Local Government Liaison (Northwest Region); because of a lawsuit filed in Warren County, DEP will not be issuing any brine spreading permits this year until the permit process can be rewritten and vetted.  

She was pretty sure nothing would be approved this year at all. 

 Additional info:

In a matter pending before the Environmental Hearing Board (PSATS intervened at the request of numerous members), DEP stated that it did not have authority under the Solid Waste Management Act to grant approval to a company that contracted with numerous municipalities to spread salt brine from conventional natural gas wells for dust control and road stabilization on dirt and gravel roads. DEP laid out several alternatives through which spreading of salt brine could potentially be conducted, but it is unclear whether any of those will be implemented. As such, townships that typically use salt brine for dust control and road stabilization should prepare to potentially use alternate methods this summer. 

There are two bills pending in the General Assembly

(Senate Bill 1088 and House Bill 2154) that would permit this type of brining to continue. Regarding “Brine for Dust Control”. Contact your-

State House Rep Brad Roae [District 06] at:

Meadville office-

900 Water Street

Downtown Mall

Meadville, PA 16335 

(814) 336-1136 

Fax: (814) 337-7680

 Or the Capitol-

162B East Wing

PO Box 202006

Harrisburg, PA 17120-2006

(717) 787-2353 

Fax: (717) 260-6505

State Senator Michele Brooks [Senate District 50]  

The Capitol-

Senate Box 203050 

Harrisburg, PA 17120-3050

Room: 351 Main Capitol

(717) 787-1322 

FAX: (717) 772-0577

Her local office-  

100 Hadley Road 

Suite 9 

3 Greenville Plaza West 

Greenville, PA 16125 

(724) 588-8911 

FAX: (724) 588-5464 


Senate Bill # 1088 and the House Bill # 2154.

Both of these bills  are the ones to reference regarding Brine for Dust Control.

Volunteers Needed For Community Service

All Volunteer Fire Departments in our Region are in need of members.

Richmond Township is serviced by: 

Blooming Valley Fire Dept.

Cambridge Fire Dept.

East Mead Fire Dept.

Randolph Fire Dept.

Townville Fire Dept.

Please contact them to become a member today.

Spring 2018 News Letter available

News and Events Updates

Please note that your use of the township faculties is at your own risk


The Blue Recycle Bins have been removed. 

The Crawford County Solid Waste Authority has shut down the program. 

Listed as reasons for removal of all bins are: 

The dumping all types of garbage and rubbish,  some of which contaminated the recyclable materials in the bins, decreased funding from all government sources, and a lower resale value for the price of the recyclables. 

To continue recycling, 

contact your trash hauler for further information.

There have been problems with Vehicles parking and blocking snow plows and Anti-Skid applications. Please be aware that blocking roads from other vehicles passing through can cause issues with EMERGENCY VEHICLES. That response can be for your family or your home. THINK BEFORE YOU PARK on TOWNSHIP ROADS.