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Richmond Township 200 Year Birthday

Richmond Township will be celebrating a 200 year birthday

Tom Morgan is working on a project tracing the names of the roads in our township

Contact Tom

If you can provide any information or wish to assist him on this project, please use the contact link to send him the information.

Sample letter to your PA Rep regarding the proposal for the



Commonwealth of PA  to tax local residents for  PA State Police services


March 11, 2019

State representative Brad Roae

Meadville District Office

Downtown Mall

900-920 Water Street

Meadville, PA 16335

Dear State Representative:

On behalf of the Board of Supervisors of Richmond Township in Crawford County, I am writing to you

regarding Governor Wolf’s proposal of a sliding scale per person tax on municipalities that rely

exclusively on the State Police for protection. The Board of Supervisors strongly oppose this proposal as

it would mandate that Richmond Township initially pay $11,600 for State Police services based on the

2010 census population of 1450 residents. Richmond Township is a small township with a modest

operating budget that would be adversely impacted by this added tax. It is not unreasonable to expect

this fee to increase in the future, potentially requiring the township to increase property taxes.

Residents of Richmond Township already pay Pennsylvania state tax as well as one of the highest

gasoline taxes in the nation. This gasoline tax was originally set up for road and bridge repairs and

maintenance. For several years, Governor Wolf has taken money away from this fund to cover a

significant portion of the state police budget. Imposing an additional tax would be very unfair. It would

also amount to again throwing money at the problem rather than fixing it. We believe funding for the

State Police should be appropriated in the general fund rather than trying to raise money through per

capita fees which target smaller municipalities that, through state taxes, are already paying for State

Police services.

The Richmond Township Board of Supervisors strongly urge you to oppose this proposed legislation.

Thank you for your consideration of this issue.


Rhonda Phillips

Richmond Township Secretary

News and Events Updates

Please note that your use of the township faculties is at your own risk


May 21, 2019 - Primary Election- Please remember 


For those interested in Rental of the Rec Building or the Pavilions:

  Beginning January 1, 2019, anyone who wants to rent the Recreation  Building or Pavilions will need to fill out a rental agreement and  submit it along with two checks, one for the rental and the other for a  deposit (which will be returned after the rental takes place). 

To download the forms needed, please click here.



The Blue Recycle Bins have been removed. 

The Crawford County Solid Waste Authority has shut down the program. 

Listed as reasons for removal of all bins are: 

The dumping all types of garbage and rubbish,  some of which contaminated the recyclable materials in the bins, decreased funding from all government sources, and a lower resale value for the price of the recyclables. 

To continue recycling, 

contact your trash hauler for further information.

There have been problems with Vehicles parking and blocking snow plows and Anti-Skid applications. Please be aware that blocking roads from other vehicles passing through can cause issues with EMERGENCY VEHICLES. That response can be for your family or your home. THINK BEFORE YOU PARK on TOWNSHIP ROADS.


Volunteers Needed For Community Service

All Volunteer Fire Departments in our Region are in need of members.

Richmond Township is serviced by: 

Blooming Valley Fire Dept.

Cambridge Fire Dept.

East Mead Fire Dept.

Randolph Fire Dept.

Townville Fire Dept.

Please contact them to become a member today.

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