Easter Egg Hunt

April 13, 2019, 10:00 AM


All are Welcome.

If you would like to assist, please contact Scott Wheelock.

Contact for additional information

Richmond Township Rec Area

30331 State Route 408, 

Townville, PA 16360


News and Events Updates

Please note that your use of the township faculties is at your own risk


For those interested in Rental of the Rec Building or the Pavilions:

  Beginning January 1, 2019, anyone who wants to rent the Recreation  Building or Pavilions will need to fill out a rental agreement and  submit it along with two checks, one for the rental and the other for a  deposit (which will be returned after the rental takes place). 

To download the forms needed, please click here.



The Blue Recycle Bins have been removed. 

The Crawford County Solid Waste Authority has shut down the program. 

Listed as reasons for removal of all bins are: 

The dumping all types of garbage and rubbish,  some of which contaminated the recyclable materials in the bins, decreased funding from all government sources, and a lower resale value for the price of the recyclables. 

To continue recycling, 

contact your trash hauler for further information.

There have been problems with Vehicles parking and blocking snow plows and Anti-Skid applications. Please be aware that blocking roads from other vehicles passing through can cause issues with EMERGENCY VEHICLES. That response can be for your family or your home. THINK BEFORE YOU PARK on TOWNSHIP ROADS.


Volunteers Needed For Community Service

All Volunteer Fire Departments in our Region are in need of members.

Richmond Township is serviced by: 

Blooming Valley Fire Dept.

Cambridge Fire Dept.

East Mead Fire Dept.

Randolph Fire Dept.

Townville Fire Dept.

Please contact them to become a member today.

Internet HIGH SPEED ACCESS across PA

Penn State Research Project

Penn State Researchers are conducting a study to determine the gaps in speeds and access promised by telecommunications companies and what they actually deliver.  Click here to access the study: https://www.measurementlab.net/p/ndt-ws.html

The Federal Government estimates

Over 800,000 Pennsylvania households lack affordable broadband internet.  They also estimate that 520,000 Pennsylvanians have limited or no broadband access and live in rural PA.  Act 183 of 2004 required telecommunications companies to provide  BROADBAND ACCESS to all PA residents. Companies such as Verizon took tax breaks the ACT offered and in return stalled and otherwise failed to full fill the ACTs requirements. Companies such as VERIZON worked the Harrisburg establishment to weaken and   

permanently  cancel any remaining requirements for the ACT183.  Now residents of RURAL PA such as those in Crawford and lower Erie Counties are left stuck with a substandard telecommunications system. For some of us, the old fashion dial up internet is our equivalent of the 21st century HI-SPEED HIGHWAY.  

Besides clicking and participating in the study, write to your Harrisburg reps and make them aware you want what was paid for by the residents of PA- THEN AND NOW.

Brad Roae

E-mail: broae@pahousegop.com

District Office: Meadville District Office
900-920 Water Street
Downtown Mall
Meadville, PA  16335
Phone (814) 336-1136
Hours 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (M-F)

Kathy L. Rapp

Email: Use her contact link on her web page: http://www.reprapp.com/contact.aspx

Kathy L. Rapp

109 S. Washington Street

Park Building

Titusville, PA 16354 

(814) 827-6054 

Fax: (814) 878-5778

Michele Brooks  

Email: Use her contact link on her web page: http://www.senatorbrooks.com/contact/    
100 Hadley Road
Suite 9                              
Greenville, PA 16125                                     
(724) 588-8911
FAX: (724) 588-5464 

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